Citizens Can Unite to Fight City Hall – and Highway Departments

Stanhope Browne

This account is based on a report written by Stanhope Browne in the spring of 1967. He led the citizens’ effort to change the design of Interstate 95 as it passed through the historic area of Philadelphia. The new concept of the design was finally approved, with federal intervention, just after he finished this report. He included it as a section in his book manuscript, “A Memoir of East Philadelphia.” He wrote the beginning of the sections that follow in 2010, but was unable to complete it before his death in 2013. I have woven that introduction into his report and filled in some gaps, especially in the final chapter. The full text of his memoir will soon be available online as well. Lastly, a note on sources: Illustrations are items from the author’s collection, which includes the original drawings of the first and fourth of four Inquirer cartoons by Hugh Hutton. Newspaper clippings come from the portfolio he kept which covers the entire fight. The complete collection is to become part of the Temple University Special Collections Research Center.


Table of Contents:

Preface by Neal Peirce

Chapter 1: The I-95 Fight Begins

Chapter 2: First Steps, Action Committee, and Allies

Chapter 3: The Forces Unite and Attack

Chapter 4: Compromise or Press On?

Chapter 5: Shift to the National Stage and Success

Chapter 6: The Long Road to Completion